Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

After many years of dreaming, recipe creating, testing, and writing an award-winning comfort food column, Allison is absolutely thrilled to announce the release of her first e-cookbook — Comfortably Yum: 10 Whole-Foods Vegan Recipes for Everyday Yum!

These 10 recipes have been selected and perfected — and the Vegan Caesar salad recipe is included in the e-cookbook!

Take a peek at Comfortably Yum.

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  4. Tried it. Loved it!!!! Very tasty and easy to make. Although your recipe doesn’t indicate how much cayenne to use. I guesstimated. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rose Chilibeck says:

    I just tried this recipe on rec from a friend. It was AWESOME and even my picky vegan hubbie who doesn’t like “new” dishes loved it. I am fascinated how potatoes, carrots, onions and cashews can make such a creamy cheese! Great recipe and I highly suggest everyone try this :)))

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  8. This recipe looks absolutely wonderful. I’d love to try it out but my daughter is allergic to nuts. Is there any item you would recommend as a substitution for the cashews without changing the overall taste of the dish too much?

    • Hi Tish, You can try increasing the potatoes, but I’m not sure it will be as creamy as with the cashews. If you do try it, let us know how you like it! Good luck. :)

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  10. I’m currently living in Russia, where finding specialty ingredients like nutritional list is rather difficult; that makes me very happy to find an alternative–and a delicious one at that! I’ll be making this again.

  11. I have been “fooling” my kids for years with this recipe which I initially saw on VegNews. My daughter, now 14, realizes it’s not “real” mac and cheese after eating the crappy stuff at her friends houses but she’s says mine tastes better and is much healthier. So thank you so very much for the recipe!

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