Allison’s Gourmet Unveils New Blog Design & Offers a Giveaway!

Allison's Gourmet New Blog Design

Welcome to the new design of the Allison’s Gourmet Sweet Talk Blog! Beautified and updated by our friend Julia Moran Martz at Mondovox Creative Group – thank you, Julia! :) This new layout makes it easier to find the things that interest you, like vegan recipes, in-depth exclusive interviews, and news bites from the vegan world and behind-the-scenes at AG. Some of the new features we’re excited about sharing include seamless shopping at our online bakery and confectionary, easy-to-use archives arranged by category, more gorgeous photos, and—coming soon—more mind-expanding interviews (wait ’til you see with whom Allison has had the pleasure of chatting–all for you!), and more decadent “Veganize It!” recipes.

Allison, Jordan and I love sharing this blog with you! We’re especially interested to hear from you about which of our posts and topics are most enjoyed and what you’d like to see more of…

Now for the Giveaway!
Let us know: Do you feel inspired by Allison’s posts about healthy vegan living? Would you like to hear more of her tips and tricks? Want to know more about our vegan sweet gifts like vegan gift baskets, samplers and monthly clubs? Would you like to see more recipes and/or share your photos of Allison’s “Veganize It!” dishes?

Tell us your answers below for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Allison’s Gourmet! We’ll choose the winner Tuesday, January 15th at noon Pacific. You must have a U.S. shipping address to win.

This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Sabrina! Come back on Friday for another Giveaway, this time from Will Tuttle.

  1. I enjoy the Veganize-It recipes, too. I also think step-by-step guides and tutorials with photos would be a great addition to the site.

  2. I really like Allison’s recipes the only thing that I can suggest is more giveaways. I feel inspired when I read your recipes.

  3. I became a vegan two days after being diagnosed with a heart blockage (August 1 2011). I am so glad I chose this instead of surgery! I have lost almost 40 lbs too, and feel great. Since I became vegan I have discovered all kinds of other benefits to this way of life and I will never go back to being an omnivore. However, I wasn’t much of a cook prior to this and now I’m having to make actual meals on a regular basis. It’s been quite a shock. So, websites like Allison’s Gourmet have been (literally) life saving and I can now make food that tastes pretty good, just by following the directions. Who knew!? And when I feel like a like extra treat, I can order delicious sweets. Yum!

  4. I have never had Allisons Cookies, Chocolates. How wonderful it would be to be able to win a $25.00 Gift Certificate. WOW what a treat that would be! Thank You.

  5. I love this site,such an inspiration. Maybe you could include desserts like rice pudding ,creme caramel,panacotta,custards (all veganized,of course!)? These are popular in other parts of the world and I think would be great desserts to add to your list.
    Hope I win the certificate!!Thanks!

  6. I enjoy visiting your website and would like to know how your fans can help you spread the word even more about your goodies! It’s always fun and appreciated discovering new recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  7. 1) I love Allison’s vegan living tips! from eating to household items
    2) Always want to hear more about tips and tricks! its great to hear about what other vegans out there are doing because main stream media does not cover it and often does not know very much about vegan living and I know I can trust Allison
    3) I always like to know what is going on with the gifts and baskets so I know what to ask for! or i guess know what to give too.. 😉
    4) Yes sharing vegan recipes and photos is the best!

  8. I love the creativity on this page for veganizing recipes. It sure helps when one is short on time and just wants to follow someone else’s tried and true ideas. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog. :)

  9. Love veganize it, new recipes, and the outlook. Been vegan for years and love it. Let my self have treats now and again, so always excited about vegan goodies. Keep promoting the etical life, thank you so much.

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