Sweet Vegan Gifts for All Occasions


In 1997, Allison’s Gourmet was the first-of-its-kind vegan bakery online and we have gained a loyal and adoring following of dessert lovers who care about animals, the environment, and what they put into their bodies. Today, while we are no longer the only online vegan bakery, our mission hasn’t changed; we are still commited to creating  superb vegan sweet gifts using the simplest, purest and most compassionate ingredients available. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time customer, thank you for supporting a compassionate company!

As our product line has expanded from just vegan baked goods to include beverages, confections and vegan chocolates, we have searched to globe and taste-tested every variety of each new ingredient to find the highest-quality and best tasting options.Orange Blossom Truffles_2 That is why we’re so confident in recommending our products as elegant gifts for many occasions; we have the tastes you crave and the quality you expect. So, whether it’s the perfect vegan Easter chocolate for someone special, or something sweet for your best friend’s birthday, we would be honored to help you give delectable and memorable vegan gifts all year round.

P.S. You’ll get no judgement from us if your gift of sweets is for yourself. You deserve decadent treats too!

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