World Vegan Feast Cookbook Winner, and Vegan Recipes!

For the third week in a row we’re announcing the winner of a vegan cookbook giveaway! A signed copy of Bryanna Clark Grogan’s latest book World Vegan Feast is going to Aimee, who requested veganized versions of scalloped potatoes and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Congratulations, Aimee! As for her requests, Bryanna recommended these scalloped potato recipes: Susan Voisin‘s of, and this Gluten-Free Goddess version. Bryanna also has a vegan hollandaise sauce recipe in World Vegan Feast that she says is pretty low fat, too! If you love comfort recipes, I recommend keeping an eye on Allison’s “Veganize It!” column in VegNews. Pssst… her scalloped potato recipe just might be coming in the fall!

In case you missed Bryanna’s other answers to some of the veganized Springtime tradition requests on Facebook here’s a recipe for broccoli cheese rice casserole, too.

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